Smart Tools

Welcome to the SmartTools documentation, your gateway to a cutting-edge solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize document processing. SmartTools is a versatile suite of AI-driven tools designed to streamline and enhance the way you handle documents. Whether you're dealing with large volumes of text, images, or complex data, our AI-powered capabilities can automatically analyze, categorize, and extract valuable insights, making your document workflows more efficient and intelligent. This documentation will provide you with insights into the features, functionalities, and best practices to harness the full potential of SmartTools, enabling you to transform your document processing into a more automated, accurate, and efficient operation.

When you navigate to SmartTools you will see a section where you drag and drop your file and dropdown menu to select your Smart Tool.

In this section you select your Tool to process where afterwards you drag and drop your file.

After the file you have the option to download the processed file.

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