My Account

From your settings dashboard, you can edit your profile information, reset password, enable Two-factor Authentification and see history of logged in time and devices.

1. To access the settings dashboard click on My Account on the top right sidebar.

2. From the dropdown menu you’ll have Settings and once you can access it from there

3.You’ll land on the settings dashboard

Account settings

On the settings page you have two sections for Keycloak account management.

1. If you select Personal info then you can edit perosnal information regarding your account, such as email, Name, Language.

2. If you select Account Security you will have 3 sections from the left sidebar which are: Signing-in, Device activity, Linked accounts.

If you select the Signing-in page then you have the option for resetting your password and also enabling and managing Two-factor authentication.

You have also Device activity page, where it shows information regarding your logging-in activity and which devices you have used.

On the Linked accounts page, you can manage logins through third-party accounts, where you can setup Github, Discord, etc.

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