Welcome to smartTools

Who is Laigo?

Laigo GmbH is a leading provider of AI services for businesses, offering a secure and compliant turn-key solution to facilitate the integration of AI into their operations. We believe providing easy-to-use machine learning for everyone is key.

Why Laigo?

Smart: easy and simple access to AI through a REST API, allowing organizations to harness its power without the need for extensive technical knowledge

Secure: hosting our solution on our servers located in Germany and avoiding the use of any US-based services. Our commitment to privacy is demonstrated through our strict data management policies, which ensure that all processed data is deleted after use.

Compliant: fully compliant with GDPR regulations and equipped to meet the requirements of the upcoming EU-AI Act. Our reporting capabilities allow organizations to easily maintain compliance and ensure that their use of AI aligns with the latest regulatory standards.

What is smartTools?

SmartTools represent a category of AI-driven software solutions meticulously engineered to augment the functionality of various tools. These tools encompass an array of capabilities, including automated data flow orchestration, extracting meaningful insights from data, streamlining the process of digitizing information, and prioritizing intelligent document processing. This includes advanced text recognition mechanisms for comprehending and extracting textual content, along with the ability to organize data in a structured manner. Smartools excel in extracting pertinent details from diverse documents such as invoices, receipts, and contracts, ensuring the transformation of unstructured data into a structured format. Furthermore, they excel in categorizing documents into specific types, facilitating efficient document classification. By amalgamating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis techniques, smartools aspire to revolutionize the way tools operate, offering enhanced automation, data utilization, and information extraction capabilities.

Who is the target audience for smartTools?

At Laigo, the primary focus of smartTools is to support the development community by providing a user-friendly API access. With this, Laigo offers developers the flexibility to integrate AI models into various software systems such as DSM, ERP, ECM, and BPM. This capability enables organizations to enhance their existing software systems with cutting-edge AI technology, providing new levels of efficiency and productivity.

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